Tips For Choosing A Yoga Mat

If you’re joining online yoga classes at home, getting your own yoga mat is essential. But what are the different types of mats available, what kind should you go for, where should you look, and what are the pros and cons of different mats?

There are lots of choices out there. Some mats are more suited to exercise and the gym. They can be thicker, softer or less grippy. For yoga classes, it’s good to get a mat that is specifically designed for yoga.

Even then there’s lots of scope to narrow the options down. Do you like a thinner mat, or one with cushioning for the knees and hands? Do you need a lightweight mat for travel? Is it important that your mat is eco friendly?

In this short video, I go through a few different types of mats available, and offer some tips on choosing the right mat for you, whatever your yoga style.

For an affordable and durable yoga mat, try Yogamatters and Ekotex. If you are looking for a more high end mat, Manduka or Liforme are solid choices. For travel mats, try Jade or Yogamatters.

Since recording this video, I have learned about some amazing Irish brands making and selling yoga mats. If you want to support local small businesses, check out Holder 8 and Flowstate, with artwork on mats by Al Maser. They make beautiful, unique mats that are gorgeous and functional.

Now all you need is to join a class to put your new mat to the test. Have a look at my latest timetable and book in here.