Setting up your home yoga space

If you are passionate about yoga, meditation or movement, chances are you have spent some time over the last year doing yoga at home or you are keen to start. Whatever type of yoga you’re into, the area you practice in should be somewhere you feel relaxed and grounded. We are all sharing living space these days, and our homes need to be multifunctional. Relaxation is as important as work, so make sure your yoga space is set up to support you.

Here are a few simple tips for setting up your home yoga space.

yoga at home

Find the right space

Start by identifying a space to practice. This should be somewhere you can access when you need to, that isn’t going to be in use or passed through by others when you are on your mat. It doesn’t have to be perfect, and you don’t need a whole lot of room. Think about the type of yoga you do and what you need from the space. For example, if you’re doing slow or restorative yoga, is your space warm and free of draughts? If you practice in the morning, where is the light coming from? If you do a more active practice that requires balance, do you need a hard, even floor rather than carpet?

Lighting is key

If you like to do yoga early in the day, you might be lucky to have natural light where you are practicing. If your space doesn’t have natural light or you’re practicing in the evening, it’s a good idea to adjust the lighting to your needs. Avoid harsh exposed bulbs, as these can be hard on the eyes when lying on the mat or looking up. Instead opt for soft lamps or fairy lights to add some warmth and character to your space. If you’re practicing in the evening or doing a slower type of yoga, it’s best to avoid bright lights to help the nervous system move into relaxation mode and support sleep.

Prop yourself up

Work out what kind of props you need for your practice and find a place to keep them tidily when you’re not using them, particularly if you have pets who like to get curious and investigate with their teeth! At a minimum you’ll need a mat, so do a bit of research on what’s available and get one that works for you. Check out my tips for choosing a yoga mat. Yoga blocks are versatile, affordable, lightweight and easy to buy online. They also don’t take up much space. I recommend getting a yoga strap, or you can improvise by using a belt, scarf or tie. You can make a homemade bolster out of pillows or blankets.

Make it your own

It might be hard to feel like the corner of your bedroom floor or living room is your yoga sanctuary, but are there ways you can personalise it to support you in relaxing into your practice? Something as simple as adding a couple of your favourite candles, crystals or burning some incense or essential oil can transform a space. You could also add plants to bring texture and life into the space and help purify the air. Get creative, and make this space yours!

If you want to try out your new yoga space, you can sign up for a class here.