Marketing tips for part time yoga teachers

Are you a part time yoga teacher? These tips are designed to help you maximise the time you to spend on content marketing, connect with your ideal student, grow your business, and protect your energy and peace in the process.

Yoga for Late Summer

In Yin Yoga there is a 5th season, Late Summer, associated with the Earth Element and all about helping us to transition from the warmth and openness of summer into the cool, reflective time of Autumn. Read more about this sweet season or nourishment and abundance, and the balance between yin/yang.

How to start morning yoga

Keen to start a morning yoga practice, but finding it challenging? You’re not alone. Read my 5 tips to get started with your morning yoga routine.

What is Yin Yoga?

Curious about yin yoga? This slow, mindful practice has many physical, mental and energetic benefits. It can help us slow down, connect to our boddies, and support a good night’s sleep. Read on to find out more.

Yoga and the menstrual cycle

Our yoga practice can support us throughout our menstrual cycle. Learn more about menstrual cycle awareness, and how to adapt your practice to meet your changing needs at all stages of your cycle.

Yoga at home

Does your home yoga space meet your needs? Here’s a few tips for setting up a home yoga space that works for you.

Yoga For Sleep

I meet so many people coming to yoga classes to help switch off, relax and rest. This has always been the case, but especially during these Covid times when many of us are finding it hard to sleep at night.
In this post, I offer some tips for tailoring your yoga practice to help you sleep.

Choosing A Yoga Mat

If you’re joining online yoga classes at home, getting your own yoga mat is essential. In this short video, I go through a few different types of mats available, and offer some tips on choosing the right mat for you,
whatever your yoga style.